Welcome Julie Harris and Jennifer Hill to Team Locate

We’re excited to welcome two new Directors of Real Estate to the team, Julie Harris and Jennifer Hill.


Julie Harris and Jennifer Hill Join Locate as Directors of Real Estate

We’re excited to welcome two new Directors of Real Estate to the team, Julie Harris and Jennifer Hill. Julie and Jennifer, known as J2, have been working together for over four years in landlord representation, specializing in ground up development and placemaking. Together, the powerhouse pair brings a unique approach to the typically antiquated CRE model and have a combined experience of over 25 years. Based in Arizona, Julie and Jennifer have worked on several legacy Arizona projects. They have sourced many deals to developers to purchase, design and build multi-million dollar ground-up developments.  The team is excited to take the CRE process to the next level by combining their local knowledge and Locate’s real-time mobile data to educate not only retailers in their site selection process, but advise landlord’s, owners, and developers on the best fit for their projects. J2 understands the importance of providing value to the communities they serve with sustainable projects that meet the financial goals of the developer. They also value storytelling and rely on its power to connect people to a project, making them eager to tell more data-driven stories with Locate’s technology. While Locate has primarily been focused on the tenant side, J2 is launching its landlord, owner, and developer’s focus with the help of Locate’s engineer-developed, proprietary and customizable technology to meet specific project needs. J2 has already hit the ground running and is looking forward to announcing some exciting projects soon!

More About Julie

Julie has a long professional background in marketing, video production, content creation, branding, television, events, and theater. After attaining her master’s in real estate development, she transitioned into commercial real estate to apply her marketing and storytelling skills to leasing. She is an alumni board member for Arizona State University’s Master of Real Estate Development (ASU MRED), where she created and chaired a signature fundraising event that raised over $50,000 in its first year.  Julie holds a Master’s in Corporate and Public Communication from Monmouth University and a Master’s in Real Estate Development from Arizona State University. In her free time, Julie enjoys skiing and yoga. Her family is the inspiration for everything she does. 

More About Jennifer

Jennifer’s career in commercial real estate began 20 years ago in 2001 at Westfield Corporation in San Diego. She started as a Property Accountant for a redevelopment of Mission Valley Center. From there, she became a Corporate Accountant, eventually landing in Tenant Coordination and Tenant Services Admin.  Following her experience at Westfield, she co-founded a kiosk brokerage company, joined Allstate Cellular as their VP of Development and brought a 14-year old local company across California. She then landed in Arizona where she began working on ground up lifestyle centers for RED Development.  Prior to CRE she was an editor on a 10-year Navy CLEAN contract as a technical editor.  She has an eye for detail and has worn many hats in CRE, giving her an educated approach to retail development, leasing and sales. Jennifer enjoys hiking, travel, tennis, photography, fishing, making beer and spending time with her family, her reason for forging ahead.


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