Welcome Erin Cobb to Team Locate


Broker and Data Scientist Erin Cobb Joins Locate as Director of Real Estate

We’re excited to welcome a new member of our brokerage team today, Erin Cobb, Director of Real Estate. Erin brings her background in data science, along with a strong portfolio of master broker, regional and local clients. She draws on her former career in marketing and communications where she worked with a range of clients from Fortune 100 global corporations to tech startups. With experience executing deals efficiently and tactically, from Long Island to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, she makes strong connections and long-term relationships a priority.  Some of Erin’s career highlights include building a symphony, launching a Fortune 200 local office, doubling cpg sales volumes in less than a year, advising on strategic PE investments, and delivering marketing campaigns to Fortune 100 clients to name a few. Additionally, as a CRE artist, data nerd, and a strategic guru, she enjoys surprising and delighting her clients (and sometimes herself) with her creative point of view and innovative solutions.  Married to a Saxophonist who plays with an impressive list of renowned and emerging artists, you might catch Erin at a concert or two, slipping backstage. As a Chicago native, Erin has roots in the restaurant industry, making her a life long foodie who will try anything once! She holds a Master’s in Integrated Marketing and Communications from Northwestern University and has a passion for lifelong knowledge and growth. Integrity, Honesty and Confidentiality are her guiding stars. We’re looking forward to working with Erin and continuing to build Team Locate to help more retailers prepare for a post-covid world. 


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