Mobile A.I. to understand the potential of any location.


Mobile Devices

10x the industry average,
the largest in our industry



Trusted by thousands of retail professionals across the US.



Training data for our proprietary A.I. models.

The most accurate location intelligence platform at forecasting your success.

Here’s what sets our technology apart.

The largest mobile database in our industry

With a mobile database that accounts for 50% of the US population, we analyze the most comprehensive database on consumer behavior.

A.I. models fully customized for your business

We understand every client is different and every deal is unique. Our A.I. platform is always customized for your specific business.

The highest level of precision

We measure exactly what is happening at every intersection in the US. This provides us the most granular view of consumers and business performance.

When our team switched to Locate, our productivity and new location revenues increased dramatically.

Director of Real Estate, Fit Body Bootcamp

All-in-one location intelligence platform for the retail industry.

See our technology in action.

Understand the consumer landscape using mobile data.

  • Consumer profile & behavior on an hourly basis
  • Shopping behavior
  • Foot traffic
  • Trade Area
  • Demographics & Psychographics

Measure your potential at any location using A.I.

  • Forecast revenue with A.I.
  • Rank the top markets, neighborhoods, and locations
  • Quantify market potential based on revenue and number of potential locations
  • Assess cannibalization risk
  • Identify key drivers for your business

Move deals faster with our GIS & deal management platform.

  • Get notified when local brokers find you a high potential deal
  • Assess a site in 5 minutes or less through contextualized reports
  • Efficiently collaborate with your team
  • Track your real estate pipeline in one place
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