A New Brand Identity for Locate


Change In Brand Identity and Reinstatement of Company Vision

We’re proud to announce today a change in our brand identity and reinstatement of our company vision.  We started Locate in 2014 with the mission of making retail real estate data-driven. To achieve this, we developed site selection location-based insights and predictive intelligence technology that was more accurate than anything in the market. Today, Locate has grown and transitioned from solely a software tech partner to a full-service real estate firm. Our rebrand marks a pivotal moment in our journey and affords us the opportunity to reflect on our mission, purpose, and plan for the future as we move forward in 2021. LocateAI is now Locate— the first tech-enabled brokerage in the retail industry.

Why We’re Here

Our business and industry have undergone significant change in the past few years, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The brokerage industry has traditionally been an analog industry, built on relationships and gut instincts. However, we see that it’s essential for the brokerage industry to also integrate data and artificial intelligence into its workflow. With a vision for a better experience for both retailers and brokers, Locate combines unparalleled artificial intelligence with broker expertise for the most accurate site selection possible. We oversee every part of the process and manage our client relationships every step of the way. It’s this combination of data and human intuition that will move our industry forward and prepare us to face the challenges of a post-covid world.  

What’s New

The Meaning Behind The Name “Locate”

Our name change from LocateAI to Locate is a result of a rebranding effort to inform the evolution of our brand identity from a software startup or “tech partner” to the world’s first tech-enabled retail real estate brokerage. Locate represents an evolution from our tech-focused business model.
    • Retailers now have a one-stop-shop for both data and brokerage that provides an integrated data-driven experience for the most accurate site selection.
    • We can now offer industry-leading mobile data and artificial intelligence at no cost to the retailer, so brokerage and analytics don’t have to be at odds.  
    • We’re now also focused on growing our brokerage team with like-minded individuals who want to join us in advancing our mission.

New Look & Feel

Our old design emphasized our technology offering, and we needed to expand upon that by integrating our brokerage services. The new design represents our redefined brand personality and uniquely integrates our best in class artificial intelligence with a dedication to exceptional real estate services.

Locate Website Rebrand


Our Logo

Our simple abstract logo comprises two symbols: a target and an arrow that precisely locates the center of the target. These symbols represent our two combined concepts — industry-leading technology and experienced retail veterans to provide the most accurate site selection service.  

What Hasn’t Changed

We see Locate’s rebrand as an extension of what we’ve always strived for— to provide retailers an offering that enables them to make the most well-informed decisions in site selection. While we have expanded our focus, servicing our retail clients will always remain a top priority. Innovation, risk, and customer obsession will always be the core values of our organization.    

What’s Next?

By setting the standard for accuracy and efficiency in site selection, we are building the future of retail real estate. We know the pandemic this past year has brought about new challenges and unprecedented change in our industry. By entering the brokerage market with Locate, we’re prepared to help retailers make critical decisions, so they know when and where it’s safe to reopen. It has been an honor serving our retail community for the past 6 years. Here’s to making 2021 a comeback year!


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