LocateAI Services

LocateAI Services is the first A.I.-powered retail real estate brokerage, using industry-leading technology to help retailers grow intelligently.


LocateAI has been a leader in retail real estate analytics for over a half-decade — well before “Artificial Intelligence” became a sales buzzword — and uses machine-learning algorithms and 175,000 variables at the census-block level to build predictive analytics and market strategy maps for growing retailers. LocateAI Services is the world’s first A.I.-powered retail real estate brokerage — it addresses the two primary objections retailers give on why they don’t use modern technology to drive their real estate decision-making: cost and bandwidth. Valuable datasets are costly, and they are only useful if a retailer has the time to compile, interpret, and review all the relevant data points for each and every site in their real estate pipeline. For the reasons stated above, nearly all of our retail clients pay nothing to access our data, because we creatively partner with retail real estate brokers across the country to share in brokerage commissions earned on our clients’ deals. LocateAI Services earns the right to share in these fees because it automatically analyzes every site in the retailers’ real estate pipeline and provides, at no cost to the retailer, a dedicated real estate principal to interpret and apply LocateAI’s data to that specific retailers’ use case. If it sounds too good to be true, book a demo to experience the future of retail real estate brokerage. Email us at sales@locate.ai.


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