Real Estate Team Spotlight: Ty Brewster

"There are a million commercial real estate brokers. Essentially we all do the same thing, but Locate allows me to give my clients two services instead of just one." 


We’re excited to introduce you to a member of Locate’s real estate team, Ty Brewster!  As a provider of real estate support for some of the fastest growing franchise groups in the United States, Ty knows the frustrations of a franchisor and has designated his services to alleviate those frustrations. Armed with Locate’s proprietary technology and his vast retail real estate experience, Ty shares his story and the value he’s able to offer his clients today.

Has access to mobile data changed your client relationships?


There are a million commercial real estate brokers. Essentially we all do the same thing, but Locate allows me to give my clients two services instead of just one. I have the ability to add something that other brokers don’t have access to, which is the software, reporting, and engineers at Locate. Locate provides an additional value beyond what I provide and have provided for many years.

What encouraged you to join team Locate?


In 2015, I was at the International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in Las Vegas, NV. I was at a booth with one of my retail clients, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, when a couple of Stanford engineers introduced themselves to me and said they had an idea to help franchise brands identify the value between one site and another. They explained how they could compare the customer demographics of an open store that was performing well for Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop with a potential site we were looking to expand to. We started having regular conversations about the idea and kept in touch. 

Two years ago, I was excited to learn they had figured out a way to monetize the system they were building for retail real estate and asked me to join the team. When we started talking at the ICSC conference it was just an idea— one page of information for multiple sites. Now, we’re the first tech-enabled retail real estate brokerage firm and ready to rule the world.

Why is access to mobile data valuable for a broker? 

What I am able to do for clients is provide them a greater level of value than I was able to before. As a real estate agent, my job is to give my clients the best value that I can. For example, If you own a successful sandwich shop in Las Vegas and you want to expand into Dallas, you need to find customers in Dallas that are very similar to the customers you have in Las Vegas. Locate’s system can tell you exactly who your clientele is in Las Vegas and how to find them in the Dallas market. We do this through cell phone tracking, and it’s been very valuable to provide this to our clients as a free service.

More About Ty

Throughout his career, Ty has worked to merge technology with decision making to improve the long-term results for his clients and partners. Through the use of technology and retail experience, Ty is able to provide his clients with clear direction as they navigate markets from Florida to Washington and Southern California to Maine. As a franchisor, the experience of one client in South Carolina needs to be consistent with another client in Oregon. Ty strives to provide that consistent experience with selfless service and dedication to his clients day and night.

Prior to joining Locate, Ty developed over twenty year of retail experience working with such companies as Charles Schwab, Wachovia Bank and BancOne. Ty is an active participant on the International Franchise Association’s Membership Committee and a CFE. Ty’s clients include Rosati’s Pizza, Benjamin Moore Paints, Potbelly, Hunter Douglas, and Perspire Sauna.

Locate is a tech-enabled retail brokerage that analyzes over 180 million anonymous mobile devices to help retailers understand their customers and their behavior. To learn more about our data-driven site selection process, get in touch with us here.


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