Introducing Retail Tracker

Today we launch Retail Tracker, which uses mobile data to track retail traffic for over 3 million points of interest.


In light of COVID-19’s unbelievable and global impact on lives and businesses, we repurposed our tools to help our industry make decisions in the face of new and challenging market conditions. LocateAI’s Retail Tracker monitors retail traffic at 3 million points of interest, spanning brands, industries, and geographies, across the United States. The primary purpose of the Retail Tracker is to answer the industry’s most pressing questions regarding COVID-19, including:
  1. How does the decrease in retail traffic at my business compare to other businesses in my industry and in my area?
  2. Are any businesses or industries seeing an increase in traffic during the pandemic? For example, are traffic patterns at urgent care and drug store locations insightful to the spread of the virus by geography?
  3. How is traffic changing in different geographies over time as each geography addresses the spread of COVID-19?
  4. How might the recovery of my business look and how does that compare to other businesses in my industry and/or in my area?
The questions above will be addressed via weekly updates to this tool, and additional questions will be explored in the future. If you want to be notified when we update this data, you can subscribe to updates here. If you would like to suggest additional questions we may be able to answer using this dataset, please let us know at Stay well, LocateAI
LocateAI is a leader in retail real estate analytics and created the industry’s first AI-powered retail real estate brokerage. Our data science team uses 180,000 variables at the census-block level to build predictive analytics and market strategy maps for our clients, who rely on this objective data to make optimal real estate expansion decisions. LocateAI provides this data at no cost to retailers – learn more about LocateAI Services here (link to LocateAI Services blog post).


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