Customer Spotlight: Fit Body Bootcamp


Fitness Retailer Sets Owners Up for Success by Expanding Locations with Locate

Their data is key. If you have an existing business and you want to know what’s working for you to expand, Locate is definitely an important tool. It shows that we’re doing due diligence on our end, not just to sell a territory, but to make sure that we’re setting owners up for success.” 

Who is Fit Body Bootcamp?

Fit Body Boot Camp is a 30 minute fitness bootcamp, offering high intensity interval training group workouts. After experiencing the brand’s workouts as a client, Lucky de Jesus, Fit Body Boot Camp’s Onboarding and Territory Specialist, was inspired to become an owner himself.  Lucky’s two-sided perspective as a client and owner has supported his efforts in building the Fit Body Boot Camp brand, alongside the owners he brings to join the team. This perspective also helped his expansion into new locations; a task he utilized Locate to achieve.  “Previously I was in the healthcare industry, so I’ve always been a very caring person and loved coaching people. I just found that I fit into the service industry, especially in fitness where I get to help onboard new owners and help them find the best territories.” 

Navigating Market Challenges and Competition 

The COVID-19 pandemic positioned fitness brands, like Fit Body Boot Camp, to reconsider their site selection process. Landlords were hesitant to open their doors to a fitness studio and therefore needed reassurance in a future site’s success more than they ever had before. “We had to get a little creative with reaching out to the landlords. There are some who are hesitant about opening up their doors to a fitness studio again. With Locate’s help, we could provide them with information about great locations, giving them a little more comfort knowing that we have the data to back up our decisions.” Leveraging data to understand market competition and strategically position a storefront with the greatest advantage was crucial for Fit Body Boot Camp. Using Locate, Lucky was able to show his team not only the target population in two separate areas, but also the current competition for both. 

Winning the Site Selection Strategy Game

Because AI makes it possible to quickly filter through the hundreds of thousands of demographic, psychographic, competitive, financial, traffic, and other variables that can impact store performance, Fit Body Boot Camp could paint a picture of its customer base and where their traffic flowed to determine viable locations.  Locate enabled Fit Body Boot Camp to strategically narrow down their location options to the top three based on income, target marketing, and competition. As competition was their top challenge, they were able to use the data to analyze how much their proximity to their competitors would affect their success.  “We can narrow down our options so much better. We can strategically place one location versus another and play chess, like a strategy game.”  Locate helped Fit Body Boot Camp play this strategy game against top competitors. “We can see if we place a location near a competitor, how it’s going to affect them and us. We can tell if we’re going to be in a more convenient location.” As the brand looked to expand into new territories, Lucky and his team had a process for analyzing and determining the viability of new target markets.  They used Locate to seek out possible expansion markets with a similar target audience. By leveraging Locate’s mobile data and A.I. technology Fit Body Boot Camp has saved its team a tremendous amount of time. “Since Locate’s data is all in one platform, we don’t have to start searching and sourcing the data we need from different places on the internet. If we didn’t have to Locate, that kind of research would take probably like 20 to 30 hours, and it’d be a lot for one person’s role. With Locate, we can cut that time to five hours. It’s pretty significant.”  So now they can spend more time doing what they love, which is making a positive impact on their community. Fit Body Boot Camp plans to continue growing its business and locations in 2022 with Locate’s support. “I’m looking forward to the growth we’re having- from the quality of owners who are coming on board and to how much stronger the brand is going to be after this pandemic. That’s what I’m really excited about.”  More About Locate Locate is a tech-enabled retail brokerage that analyzes over 180 million anonymous mobile devices to help retailers understand their customers and their behavior. To learn more about their data-driven site selection process, get in touch with them here.


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