Navin Bhutani

Professional credentials:

170+ leases totaling over $200M value; Juris Doctor + Masters in Business Administration


Allbirds, Brooklyn Boulders, Barry’s, Drybar, Clean Juice

Fun Fact:

Navin grew up in a household where the only acceptable career choices involved medicine or engineering, so naturally he went to law school and added on an MBA, just to set his parents up for the real disappointment – when he quit his six-figure tax law job and transitioned into a commission-only real estate career. A decade later, it’s clear Navin was made for retail real estate, having built a successful reputation advising and representing some of the most exciting retail brands in the country: Drybar (served as national broker), Allbirds (regional), Brooklyn Boulders (national), Barry’s (formerly Barry’s Bootcamp; regional broker), Clean Juice (national), Dig (formerly Dig Inn; in-house head of real estate, national broker, and interim head of construction), freecoat (national), and many more. What sets Navin apart from his competitors in retail is not just his academic pedigree; clients appreciate the thoughtful way in which he explores the strategic and operational goals of each new brick and mortar store, and recognize the retail finance lens with which he negotiates LOIs and work letters and evaluates pro formas and their fit into a consolidated P&L. When you factor in the tremendous experience Navin has in the multiple aspects of tenant leasing, and you combine that with the industry-leading analytics of Locate, the results are outstanding. His glowing references confirm the same and he looks forward to hearing from you.