Jennifer Hill

Professional credentials:

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, AZ Broker’s Real Estate License


Diversified Partners, RED Development, Westfield Corp. Yam Properties, South Coast Commercial, Purple Heart Desert Thrift Shop, Uptown Jungle Fun Park

Fun Fact:

When I was 26 I won $100,000 in the CA Lottery on the Big Spin TV show.

Jennifer started in Commercial Real Estate 25 years ago for Westfield Corporation in San Diego. Starting at the property level for a redevelopment of Mission Valley Center in San Diego, she worked her way up from Property Accountant to Corporate Accountant eventually landing in Tenant Coordination and Tenant Services Admin. After Westfield she co-founded a kiosk brokerage company, joined Allstate Cellular as their VP of Development bringing a 14-year local company across California, then landing in Arizona leasing ground up lifestyle centers for RED Development. Prior to CRE she was an editor on a 10-year Navy CLEAN contract as a technical editor. She has an eye for detail and has worn many hats in CRE, giving her an educated approach to retail development, leasing and sales. Jennifer united with Julie Harris while they were at SVN Desert Commercial Advisors in 2017. They formed a team, known as J2, and have worked together on several legacy Arizona projects, some of which the team brought to the developer to purchase, design and build multi-million dollar ground-up developments. J2 has been identified as a powerhouse pair, tasked by owners to bring a novel approach to a typically antiquated CRE model. J2 understands that it’s all about connectivity— telling the story in a visually digestible way connects people. By joining Locate, Jennifer and Julie elevate the CRE process to incorporate both art and science. The J2 Team is excited to utilize Locate’s proprietary technology to help educate owners, landlords, developers and tenants about the projects and tenants that are ideal for a geofenced location, simply based on the consumer. Combining real-time data (science) with local knowledge (art) gives J2 the educated advantage that is shared with clients and partners. Julie and Jenn are looking forward to leveraging Locate’s mobile data to enhance their ability to tell data driven stories. Together with clients they can identify the highest and best use for their property or project. Jennifer was a technical editor on a Navy 10-year CLEAN (comprehensive, long-term, action Navy) contract for several years, editing government deliverables on environmental site clean-up efforts. She is a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Ladies Auxiliary Member, a member of ICSC, a founding Board of Directors for G.I. Joe Coffee, and has been licensed as a realtor in Arizona for almost 20 years. While Locate has historically been focused on the tenant side, J2 will be launching the Landlord/Owner’s side, working with a team of engineers and specialists with a hands-on approach, customizing the software as it’s developed to specific owner needs. Jennifer enjoys hiking, travel, tennis, photography, fishing, making beer and spending time with her family, her reason for forging ahead.